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day 6. Describe a distinct moment when your life took a turn.

I have had a lot of turning points in my life. Going to high school. Death in the family. Getting my first dog. Getting into National Honor Society. Well you get the point. I decided, since I haven’t really talked about my boyfriend that much and don’t worry I won’t be over flowing this blog about him, that I will talk about him for this one.

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First a little background about us. I met Jake in September of 2010 at an event that my youth group went to. He is a cousin of a friend of mine. The year before I had heard a lot about him from my sister and friends of mine – they met him the year before at the same event but I had decided not to go that year. When I actually got to met him face to face, the first thing I noticed about him was his eyes. Jake has these amazing blue green eyes…I always like staring at his eyes.

We became good friends. I really did not talk to him that much because Karli and his cousin would steal him away. But when we did chat, it was like talking to someone I have known for a long time. He was a great shoulder to cry on and just vent my feelings out. We went (and still go) to different schools in different counties, so we only get to see each other at church once or twice a week.

It was only just about the beginning of this year that I realized that I had fell for him. The past year or so, I was facing some difficulties and it was just a low point in my life (so far). But sometime in the spring, I went to Jake to talk about some problems that I was facing. It felt good to actually talk to someone, to speak out loud. He is someone I can and always will rely on. The next day, he text me to inquire in about how I was feeling and from there we just started to talk a lot.

On June 5, Jake asked me out which I said yes to. Yes I do realize that in reality this is only a small point in my life since I still have a lot of learning and life to live. But right now at this moment and time, it is big for me.

Jake is the most sweetest person you will ever meet. He brings out the child in me (not that I am a child in a way still but you get the point). He gives the most amazing hugs. He is compassionate. He accepts my weirdness, as I do his. He is an amazing poet (You should totally check out his work!). He can make your day a hundred times better. He is my teddy bear when I need a hug. I really could go on but I think you guys get the point.

The few months that we have been together has been a big turning point in my life. I had previously just been wandering in the fields. Living day by day, not really looking into the future. I was consumed by my feelings and the stress. Jake has been a savior in a way for me. He helped me see the light of day again. He has inspired me.

This was and still is my distinct turning point.