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Can you believe that it is October already? I am still in September mode – Just watch me keep writing September for the next two weeks. I’ve been pretty busy with school work (which is why I have not been able to post much). So this post will be short.

So I am curious. What is your favorite monster? Now that we can officially be in the mood for those scary monsters. Anyone planning on dressing up for Halloween. I know I still do because well face it, it is the only time of the year that you have an excuse to dress up in silly costumes.

Well I will leave you with a persuasive essay I had to write. (Be warn: Those who love Justin Bebier or One Direction might find it slightly offensive) 

The Already-Dead or The Dead
Imagine multiple dead-drop gorgeous bodies, immortal life, and a sexy humor.
Zombies are often seen as decaying corpses that multiply quickly and have one sole purpose. Get blood. In Hotel Transylvania, one cannot help but be easily amused by the zombie employees and their simple minded ways, while in Resident Evil, some appear to be horrifying and blood thirsty. Although werewolves and vampires seem to be becoming popular, with their sexiness and enchanting ways, zombies are the way to go, with their silliness, fast spreading virus, and just too plain hard to kill.

Without a doubt, if there were a great arising of the undead, there would be more zombies than vampires and werewolves. A society can go into a zombie apocalypse rather quickly when the virus is let out. With a virus that spreads quickly, more people would continue life as a zombie than any other way of life. If a person dies, all that is needed is for the virus to be injected into the corpse. By comparison, to become a werewolf, a person either is born with the gene or they are bitten. A werewolf’s bite causes immense pain to their victim, and it takes a few days for the process of becoming a werewolf. But zombies are made within a few hours of the initial breakout. Yet on another hand still, a vampire’s bite can cause pleasure to its victim, and once the process is done, they look rather spiffy. Still it takes a longer time for the venom to spread throughout the body, and the vampire’s victim must be still alive for the process to work, a cumbersome detail. This proves that zombies are better at making more of themselves.

As the population of anything increases, so does the death rate. The most
common way to kill zombies is a head shot. Sounds simple, but it can create a problem for those who do not own or know how to shoot a gun. And one must consider that there would be more than just a single zombie coming at them. From the old to the new movies of vampires, there is more than one way to kill a vampire: Tearing them from limb to limb and setting them on fire; stabbing them in the heart with a stake; or throwing holy water on them, which in a way could be a rather hard task to accomplish. Whichever the method, vampires have a variety of ways of being killed while zombies only have one. This shows that zombies do not have many weaknesses. Reflecting upon werewolves, if one strives to kill one, it involves either the wolfsbean plant, any type of silver, or killing their soul mate. Zombies, on the other hand, do not have to worry about a mate to watch over nor a strange plant that might be hard to find. If one has bad aim well… welcome to the dark side.

Rarely do people see zombies as comic relief. In every movie, zombies are
shown with their horrifying looks, but they are funny characters. Many people are initially scared out of their wits when zombies are added into the equation. But if one can get past their rather dead-looking appearance, they have a personality like everyone else. Zombies tend to talk about nonsense, which ends up coming out more or less like a knee-slapper for those around them. Some argue that vampires are the most entertaining in fiction, with their unusual 17th century accents and long caps that cover their body. However, zombies do not act upon their feelings, so they cannot be hurt by the whispers of how weird they seem to be. They also do not have the drama that makes vampires not so cool. Looking on the opposite side of things, werewolves, with their canine families, are easily distracted with simple things such as chasing their tail or running after a squirrel that has been spotted. Yet zombies can make fools out of themselves without any effort. Just their simple clumsy presence causes great amusement.

Zombies are the best of monsters, with their easy spreadable virus, only
head shot kill, and the weirdness they create every time they are on stage. Glittery vampires and love-sick werewolves are getting more boring as each horror movie goes by. One needs a good aim to kill zombies at a fast pace. Zombies say bizarre sentences, creating a humorous atmosphere. And there is a plentiful supply of zombies, with their virus in motion. If zombies were not here, life would consist of pop-chick Justin Bieber vampires with heartbreaking One Direction werewolves and a whole shrieking love triangle of fan girls.